Carlos Ghosn hit with two fresh charges

Prosecutors in Japan have indicted former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn with two fresh charges.

Mr Ghosn, who has been detained since November, was charged with aggravated breach of trust and understating his income.

He had already been indicted on a separate charge of underreporting his pay over five years.

Mr Ghosn, whose detention has drawn some criticism, denies all wrongdoing.

His lawyers said they would apply for bail, but experts say this request is very unlikely to be granted.

The new charges will likely keep Mr Ghosn in prison until his first trial, according to his lawyers.

One of the charges involves allegations that Mr Ghosn temporarily shifted heavy personal investment losses on foreign exchange dealings to Nissan.

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The 64-year-old was the architect of the Renault-Nissan alliance, and brought Mitsubishi on board in 2016.

Renault, which kept him on as chairman after his arrest, has said it has not yet found any evidence of wrongdoing by their former boss.

What has he been charged with?

Mr Ghosn was first charged last year with underreporting his pay package for the five years to 2015.

On Friday, a fresh charge claimed he understated his compensation for another three years.

The auto boss was also indicted on a new, more serious charge of breach of trust.

Mr Ghosn is accused of moving personal investment losses worth 1.85bn yen (£13.4m; $17m) racked up on foreign exchange dealings to Nissan.

Source: BBC

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