Tesla introduces ‘Dog Mode’ to keep your pets from getting too hot

Tesla officially introduced a new feature on Thursday called « Dog Mode » that aims to keep owners’ pets comfortable while left unattended in the vehicle.

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« Dog Mode » keeps climate control on while the car is parked and also includes a display screen with the temperature so that people passing by can see that owners’ pets are safe, Tesla said.

The electric car maker showed off « Dog Mode » in a tweet early Thursday. It’s one of several software updates the company is introducing that focuses on improving safety and security.

Tesla also unveiled « Sentry Mode » to monitor the car’s surroundings while it’s locked and parked. It said in a blog post the feature uses the vehicle’s external cameras to detect surrounding threats and sends alerts to an owner’s Tesla mobile app if an incident occurs.

Musk hinted
in a tweet
on February 7 that the features would be unveiled this week.

To enable « Dog Mode, » owners will tap on a fan icon at the bottom of the touch screen. If the car’s battery reaches less than 20 percent charge, owners will receive a notification on their mobile app, Tesla said.

Tesla warned customers to check for local rules regarding leaving pets unattended in cars before using the feature.

Source: CNBC

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